Support for Government Facilities

If you are interested in reducing costs through energy-efficiency improvement projects, but don’t have sufficient upfront capital, the Facility Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP) may be the right financing tool for you. Administered through the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), FCIP is an energy performance contract (EPC) mechanism which allows government-owned buildings to pay for energy efficiency improvements through energy and operational cost savings. 

What are the benefits of FCIP? 
Benefits include freeing up capital for other expenditures, no request for proposal (RFP) requirement, pre-approved Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), the ability to bundle multiple projects together that couldn’t move forward otherwise, and the opportunity to upgrade equipment. 

Are you eligible? 
If you’re a government facility, such as a school, hospital, or state, county, or city government, you likely qualify. We’re paraphrasing, of course. You can read the legal definition here. 

What is the Kansas Energy Program’s role?
We primarily provide technical assistance to KCC and the governmental entity going through the FCIP process. We review the technical reports, providing comments and concerns, to ensure a transparent process that works to everyone’s satisfaction. 

How do I learn more?
Visit the Kansas Corporation Commission's FCIP page.